Our Products


SINANO was founded in 1919 and it has been over 100 years since we became the top ski pole manufacturer in Japan. 
We have contributed a great share to the development of Japanese ski industry as well.

walking cane


Our canes are always improved and better.

Trekking Poles

Easy to use, relyable and safety.
Our trekking poles have simple adjustment-lock system.Also easy to operate regardless of gloves mittens.

Walking Poles

Revita(SINANO's walking poles) are the essential tool to increase the effectiveness of walking.

Trail Running Poles

SINANO now produces the best qualified trail running poles, 
and receives acclaim from Japanese runners.
In order to satisfy high demands from the runners, 
SINANO has improved our pole-manufacturing-technology year by year.

Our Features

sinano, from the middle of Japan

Quality of "MADE IN JAPAN"

SINANO has own production factory. Rather than mass production, SINANO has controlled product quality by every single product in order to keep quality of "MADE IN JAPAN".

Innovation on customer demands

Voice of Customer (VOC) is our motivation to improve and innovate our products. In fact, SINANO has plenty of megaseller products innovated by reffering to VOC.

From designing to manufacturing & selling

What distinguishes SINANO from its competitors is a commitment to covering the entire value creation chain - from the first phase of designing, development, testing and selling.


We regard courteous service as our priority to build a relationship of trust with customers and business partners. Our international staff can respond quickly to your questions and requests.