Cane - Folding Cane

length adjustable sticks


Innovative grip and a modern retro design.

folding cane GrandKainos brown
neoclassical color
yawara-gel grip



VESSEL with a history of 100 years in Japan, and SINANO, top manufacturer of ski pole.
"Yarwara GEL Grip" is a hand-friendly GEL built-in grip jointly developed by two companies with a long history of manufacturing.
Neo classical Adjust

Retail price: ¥10,000
Size: 75-90cm / 29.5-35.4inch (adjustable per 2.5cm / 1inch)
Weight: 245g (8.64oz)
Shaft: Aluminum
Handle:  Yawara-Gel grip (PP+elastomer)
Color: ivy-Beige, ivy-Green, ivy-Blue, ivy-Red, ivy-Yellow
Cane tip:  Synthetic rubber PP-10-16
Strap: cushion knit strap
  Made in Japan

Kainos Hana-Roman
Fashionable walking cane with luxury acrylic handle

telescope hana roman sinano

Kainos Hana Roman

Retail price: ¥12,000
Size: 75-85cm / 29-33inch (adjustable per 2cm /1inch)
Weight: 250g
Shaft: Aluminum
Color: Pink, Purple, Green
Handle:  Wood
Cane tip:  Synthetic rubber PP-18 (Non-Slip Rubber Cane tip )
  Made in Japan


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