Cane - EZCanePro

Innovative length adjustable cane - Length Adjustment in 1 sec
Kainos EZ Cane PRO

Even in crowded area

EZ cane pro is easy to shorgen instantly.
Easy to shorten instantly
theater, restaurant, bus and other public area

Even if hard to find to put

EZ cane pro is easy to shorgen instantly.
Conpactable to place anywhere
trolley, inside of car, various counters and more

Even in other hand

EZ cane pro is easy to shorgen instantly.
Length adjustable by only one hand
when having something in other hand or get incapable to use one hand

  • EZ Cane PRO can solve many situation which users feel inconvenience in daily life.
  • Length adjustable cane
  • There is no worry to slip because of mat finishing on grip surface.

EZCanePRO,innovative length adjustable cane
To extend : Hold handle, and just extend it upward.
To shorten : Put downward pressure on FREE-Lock-Grip


EX Cane pro, sinano japan

EZ Cane Pro
Retail price: ¥13,000
Size: 60-95cm / 22-37inch size free
Weight: 330g
Shaft: Aluminum φ16+φ18
Handle:  PP + Elastomer
Color:  Brown, Pink
Cane tip:  Synthetic rubber PP-11
  Made in Japan

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