The name "REVITA" means re-VITAL.

We improved Nordic walking pole and made into a new walking pole Revita for all ages. 
Grips are divided by color ; right for red and left for gray, which makes easy to recognize. 
Straps are different from the one with Nordic poles.  You can just slide your hands and ready for walking this moment.

These are 3-section telescopic walking poles.
The minimum length is 55 to 59cm, and very useful for carriage. 
Length adjustment is also very simple and easy.
Revita 2A/S has anti-shock system, and it absorbs the impact against the wrist.
Revita Carbon is made of 100% carbon shaft, so it is very light and hard to fatigue. 
Exclusive bag for carrying is on sale, but not included in the pole price.


walking pole revita

Revita-2S A/S

Size: 60-120cm / 23-47 inch (stepless length adjustable)
Weight: 250g
Shaft: Aluminum
Handle:  Elastomer
Cane tip:  PP-MW
Strap: Nylon
Color:  Brown, Pink
Made in Japan

walking pole revita


Size: 55-120cm / 21-47 inch (stepless length adjustable)
Weight: 245g
Shaft: Aluminum
Handle:  Elastomer
Cane tip:  PP-MW
Strap: Nylon
Made in Japan


walking sticks

professor tuboi, how to pole walk by cartoon


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