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Elegant designs for sophisticated life

folding cane donna new design
cane DONNA new color
Donna newcolor
folding stick grand kainos donna
Folding cane Grand kainos donna


Retail price: ¥24,000
Size: 75-85 cm / 29-33 inch(adjustable per 2cm / 1inch)
Weight: 305g
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Handle Material:  Acrylic
Pattern: Province rose, Champagne, Andalucía, Azzuro, Mussaenda, Oriental, Vienna, Blue Flower, Lunamezza, Alstroemeria, Giardino
Cane tip:  Synthetic rubber PP-10-16 (beige / blue)
Strap: Leather strap
Accessory: Original pouch
  Made in Japan


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Muted colors and traditional European patterns

Grandkainos Black series
folding cane GrandKainos

Grandkainos Brown Series
The handle is made of ebony full of a quality appearance. folding cane GrandKainos brown
Grand Kainos Black/Brown

Retail price: ¥27,000
Size: 80-90cm / 31-35inch (adjustable per 2cm / 1inch)
Weight: 315g
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Handle Material:  Black : Acrylic
Pattern: Black : Houndstooth Check, Art deco, Art nouveau, Art & Crafts, Herringbone
Brown : Tartan, Paisley, Herringbone, Houndstooth Check
Cane tip:  Synthetic rubber PP-18 (Non-Slip Rubber Cane tip )
Strap: Leather strap
Accessory: Original pouch
  Made in Japan



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