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Trail runnning pole SINANO

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Trail running in Japantrail run
Geographically speaking, nearly 70% of Japanese land is mountains.
In this great environment, trail running attracts more and more runners at all ages.
In recent years, the number of big competitions is getting increased all over Japan.

As the best trail running pole manufacturer
Based on 65 year-experience of pole production for ski, trekking and walking,
SINANO now produces the best qualified trail running poles,
and receives acclaim from Japanese runners.
In order to satisfy high demands from the runners,
SINANO has improved our pole-manufacturing-technology year by year.

easy to use

  1. when use: Open red head first
  2. Pull out yellow string and hold on by placing it on scoop
  3. when fold: just undo each shafts

Folded length is only 1ft.
easy to use, easy to go

Trail running pole 13.6

Trail run pole SINANO

Retail price (JP): \18,000/pair

trail pole folding

*The length of the trail running pole should be 65% of your own height.
Please refer to the calculated length and decide to suit your own taste.

*Please do NOT cut off the yellow string coming out from the top.  That length is needed when it's folded.

Red #19S-31RD #19S-32RD #19S-33RD #19S-34RD #19S-35RD
Gold #19S-26GD #19S-27GD #19S-28GD #19S-29GD #19S-30GD
Total length: 100cm 105cm 110cm 115cm 120cm
folded length 29cm 30cm 31cm 32cm 33cm
Weight 142g 146g 150g 154g 158g
Color Red,Gold

Shaft aluminum alloy (OD 13.6mm)
Grip EVA foam, plastic cap
Rubber cap synthetic rubber
Strap Nylon
Rubber cap PP-F2
  Made in Japan

Trail running pole 14.0

Trail running pole SINANO

Retail price (JP): \14,000/pair

  #19S-36BLE #19S-37BLE #19S-38BLE #19S-39BLE
Total length: 100cm 105cm 110cm 115cm
folded length 28cm 30cm 31cm 32cm
Weight 172g 177g 182g 187g

Shaft aluminum alloy (OD 14.0mm)
Grip EVA foam, plastic cap
Rubber cap synthetic rubber
Strap Nylon
Rubber cap PP-25
  Made in Japan


Rubber cap

  Rubber cap  (For all models)
Rubber cap:  PP-25
Color: Black
Price: \500/piece
Spare for replacement.

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