Trekking Poles

Instructions for the use of Suntrace Trekking Pole

These poles are designed and made for supporting hiking, trekking and mountain climbing. To make your walking pleasant and safe, please see the following Instructions.

Names for each part

parts name

This figure shows
three-section telescopic cane.

Baskets differ in each model.

Please see "How to handle the basket"

How to adjust the length / Fast type

1. Put your finger on the lever, open it in the direction of the arrow.
2. Pull the lower shaft to the stop mark and fix it.
3. Adjust whole pole length in the middle shaft.
4. Return the lever to its original position to fix shaft.

easy operation system     adjustable dial
How to fix adjustable dial

If it is loose, please adjust with an adjustable dial.
Open the lever and turn the adjustable dial 1/4 to 1/2 in the fixing direction.


How to adjust the length / Screw type

how to adjust the length

  1. Hold the upper (thick) shaft tightly.
  2. Turn the lower shaft toward you (counterclockwise) to loosen it.
  3. Pull out the shaft, decide the length and turn it clockwise to tighten.

Please do not tighten too much. It will cause the breakage of lock plug.
When the lock plug is not loosened or tightened, please stop using your pole and make a contact to the store.

How to adjust the length / Ratchet type

Pull out the lower (thin) shaft along with the guide line, and the ratchet button comes out of the hole. You will hear the click sound when it is fixed. (Some models don't have guide lines.)

ratchet type
Please make sure the ratchet button comes out of the hole thoroughly before using the pole.

How to handle the basket

There are three types of trekking poles regarding basket.

  1. With removable basket  Basket can be removed and changed.
  2. With fixed basket Basket is fixed and cannot be removed and changed.
  3. Without basket 

Caution! About the basket

  1. Baskets are attached for preventing the poles from going under the softened ground such as mud, gravel and snow road.
  2. Attached baskets are not for deep snow. In case you need to use in the snowy mountains,
    please ask the store you bought or experts.
  3. Sometimes the basket is caught in the branches or stones while walking. In this case,
    please do not pull out the pole by force. You will be out of balance and fallen down,
    which might cause an unexpected accident.
  4. Please attach the removal baskets securely. Loosened baskets are dangerous and might be lost. Please check if they are tightened or not while using the poles.


  1. This product is designed and manufactured for mountain climbing, trekking and hiking.
    Please do not use for other purposes.
    Please do not substitute for ice axes and fulcrum for rock climbing.
  2. Please do not pull out the shaft beyond the STOP mark.
    The strength and stability will be decreased and dangerous.
    Do not pull out beyond this line. Upper (thick) shaft Lower (thin) shaft
  3. After adjusting the length, put the weight on the poles and confirm if they are fixed firmly.
    Sometimes the shafts get shorten even if you fix them tightly.
  4. Please do not tighten the plug excessively. There is a possibility of breakage.
  5. Please prevent from putting all of the weight on the pole.
  6. Please use at the proper length. Using at the inappropriate length is extremely dangerous.
  7. Please confirm if the shaft is not loose before the children and elderly people's use.
  8. Pull out the shaft, dry them and store after using the poles. If the poles are left wet,
    inside of the poles will be rusted and become difficult to slide smoothly.
  9. Please do not use lubricating oil. Shaft will be so slippery that it cannot be tighten.
  10. Please do not use the poles when there is a fear of thunderbolt.
  11. Please check the each part before and after usage.
    ・ Check if the lock plug will be loosen or tighten.

    ・ Check if there are no scratches, deformation and cracks.

  12. Please do not put the ferrule in the cracks and between the rocks.
  13. Please do not sit on the poles.
  14. If shaft is overloaded, it will be bent or broken.
  15. When getting on the bus or train, please put the rubber cap on the ferrule in order to ensure safety.
  16. Please do not stitch the poles.
  17. Please take off the rubber caps on the wet ground.
  18. Please change the rubber caps when it's worn down. Be sure to use the designated parts.
    Do not take a pole to pieces and remodel it by yourselves.


  1. Please notice not to scratch or damage the trees by the trekking poles.
  2. Rubber tips can be removed, so please be careful not to lose them while using and carrying the poles.
  3. Please do not expose to direct sunlight and store under the dry environment.
  4. Please do not put the poles close to the heat. Grips and straps will be deformed and the hands get burned. On the contrary, if they are placed under the extremely low temperature, the shaft will be frozen and it will cause a decline in function.
  5. When carrying the poles, please put them in the bag or fix with the white plastic hook and put them in the backpack. Unless the poles are carried without being fixed, the shaft might be in danger of loosen and lost.

After-sale Services

As for repair of SINANO trekking poles, please ask the shop you purchased.


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