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SINANO Company


SINANO, established in 1946, has acquire technical knowledge and skill through the production of ski pole, trekking poles, welfare canes and walking poles over the years. Our core technology guaranty durability, safeness and usability.

SINANO, japan qualityQuality of "MADE IN JAPAN"

SINANO has own production factory. Rather than mass production, SINANO has controlled product quality by every single product in order to keep quality of "MADE IN JAPAN".

Innovation on customer demands

Voice of Customer (VOC) is our motivation to improve and innovate our products. In fact, SINANO has plenty of megaseller products innovated by reffering to VOC.

from designing to manufacturing, sellingFrom designing to manufacturing & selling

What distinguishes SINANO from its competitors is a commitment to covering the entire value creation chain - from the first phase of designing, development, testing and selling.

support staff in SINANOSupport

We regard courteous service as our priority to build a relationship of trust with customers and business partners. Our international staff can respond quickly to your questions and requests.

Our Products

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Trail pole Trail pole skipoles
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