FOlding aluminum cane: SINANO Japan

SINANO Company

Best Selling Products

Best Selling Cane

1, Antibacterial Cane

- Keep the handle clean as always touching when use
SINANO Antibacterial cane


2, EZ Cane Pro

EX Cane pro, sinano japan

3, Town Stick

SINANO sporty town stick

4, Kainos Wasai

- texture like Japanese paper, and traditional color

sinano japanese canes WASAI



Best Selling Walking Pole


1, Double Canes

SINANO walkingpoles double canes

2, Double Canes Soft

walking poles SINANO double canes soft

3, Revita Next

walking pole SINANO Revita Next




Best Selling Trekking Pole

1, 3YS

trekking pole SINANO 3YS