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The name "REVITA" means re-VITAL.

Japanese people can live almost longest in the world.
they also live in health.
some exercise helps you to live in health, prevent overweight, anti-aging.

Revita is the essential tool to increase the effectiveness of walking.

We improved Nordic walking pole and made into a new walking pole Revita for all ages. 
Grips are divided by color ; right for red and left for gray, which makes easy to recognize. 
Straps are different from the one with Nordic poles.  You can just slide your hands and ready for walking this moment.


revita portable
folding nordic pole

These are folding poles for walking.  The folded length is only 32cm.
The product name shows its features; easy to fold and easy to carry.  This portable model is good for travel.

Revita-portable plus

Retail price:
Short: 90-105cm
Long: 100-115cm
Short: 235g
Long: 255g
Color :
Short: Red
Long: Silver
Elastomer, EVA foam
Cane tip: 
also changeable to PP-NW (nordic tips)
Made in Taiwan


walking pole